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Book Campaign

In the past, the Inkscape board has allocated funds to buy books for active developers. We plan on doing another book campaign, but this time opening it up to all members of the Inkscape community. There are two conditions for receiving a book:

  1. You've been contributing to the Inkscape community for at least six months (and plan to continue!).
  2. The book will aid your contributions.

If you would like a book, please add your name to the following list:

Name Active since Book
Tav 2007 C++17 (Josuttis)
You! 201x Making Inkscape Awesome!

At a later point, we'll need your contact information to send you the book.

Suggested books:

  • Developer development

Developer Presentations

(Developer development)

Developers could share knowledge and experience with short presentations, followed by discussion. This could be incorporated in the weekly developer meeting, or scheduled as a separate event (TBD). If the presenter agrees, these presentations should be recorded.

Ideas for topics:

  • Warnings and Assertions best practices (Thomas, Dec 22, 2020)
  • std::move and other modern C++ features
  • How does Inkscape's garbage collection work?
  • How to properly use signals (libsigc++)
  • Why is direct manipulation of the XML tree discouraged?
  • What is a node observer?
  • Text (Tav)
  • Exceptions