Andrews Big Dialog Re-Design/Embed or Link

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Embed or link.png

  1. Whilst I as a developer understand this, it is far too technical to be here
  2. Lack of padding around the contents make everything feel a bit 'squashed'
  3. What is up with all that space?
  4. Embed and link are repeated A LOT
  5. All this information is packed together, so a user has to read this and then relate it back to the options. Also I don't really feel like reading that big paragraph
  6. What does OK do?


Embed or link - redesign.png

  1. Change the title to something more understandable
  2. Add in padding
  3. Get rid of it!
  4. Only write them once
  5. Move the information below the relevant option, so information and option are easily linked together. Splitting it up also makes it look a lot less 'intimidating'
  6. Write what it does - Import