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This page is outdated. It is kept for historical reasons, e.g. to document specific decisions in Inkscape development.

This area is for listing the bugs which should be fixed before the 1.0 release of Inkscape. This suggestion list is based on the idea that our 1.0 release should be released as if it were a commercial-grade product. Ideally this means fixing most bugs relating to design workflow, and is not intended to request new features in Inkscape. Let's fix what's broken first!

To keep track of which team member posts what, please put your name above your list. All bugs listed here should have links to bug tracker bug reports.

C.Rogers List: Persistent problems in production workflow and teaching new users & designers to use Inkscape

Duplication Bugs:

  • Copy/Paste clones makes them smaller Bug 1781711:[1]

Selection Bugs:

  • Objects directly under cursor not selectable due to "grab sensitivity" of objects higher in z-order Bug 515997:[2]
  • Click/drag threshold forgets what was initially clicked on to drag - Bug 1066474:[3]

Grids and Rulers:

  • Grid defaults to px measurements even when document units are mm and rulers do not line up with grid Bug 1782024:[4]

Display/Cairo Issues

  • Display does not refresh after some undo operations Bug 1782115:[5]


  • Clipping shapes vanish when a clipped object is ungrouped Bug 1782117:[6]
  • SVG linking creates a low-res raster of the svg instead of proper linking of vectors. Bug 1782169:[7] (This has been somewhat improved by Jabier - in master you can now set the dpi in the prefs. ~Moini)

Text System

  • Text which overflows the text box loses linebreaks from text pasted into textbox Bug 1782235:[8]
  • Inkscape crashes on copy (text) with nothing selected (needs bug tracker link)
  • Font size should be a spin button (needs bug tracker link)
  • Adjustable line spacing gets stuck with no units selected (needs bug tracker link)
  • Default pasted text size is HUGE (needs bug tracker link)
  • Text box leaves artifacts when resized (needs bug tracker link)


  • Inkscape crash dialog is unresponsive, and must wait for the system to kill it (Ubuntu) (needs bug tracker link)
  • Inkscape should offer to recover the previously working file after a crash. (needs bug tracker link)


  • Inkscape takes a long time to show the UI, and when loading, there is no indication that it's loading something (needs bug tracker link)


  • "Paste Style" makes some things vanish (needs bug tracker link)


  • Inkscape's "bevels","Non-realistic 3D Shaders","Ridges", "Scatter", "Shadows and Glows" filter sets produce objectively terrible results, and should be redone to match the quality of other Inkscape filters, or removed from the default Inkscape set. (needs bug tracker link)


  • Selecting multiple line widths offers a percent value in the stroke width spin box (as it should), however, when the spin button is used, the value of 100% does not change, and the stroke values jump to a lower value. (needs bug tracker link)

Moini's list: Frequently reported problems in forums etc. and my own pet bugs


  • Objects dialog slows Inkscape down so much that its penalty outweighs its advantage (usually only needed when you have many objects in the drawing - but then Inkscape becomes unusably slow)
  • Slow ungrouping can freeze Inkscape for hours (and some users wait for it to finish). This has become more pronounced in recent versions. DONE





  • Consider implementing Martin's suggestion for broadcasting important news (needs to be secure, and needs an option to disable)



Pet Bugs

  • fix handle display when canvas is rotated, so this new feature will not look embarassing
  • improve UI of new variable fonts interface

Forum members list

From the inkscape.org forum (Question was: If you could choose 1 thing that must be implemented or fixed in Inkscape 1.0, what would it be?):

Bugs and small improvements

  • Default template: multiple forum members asked for the default template to be reverted to px units, so the bugs caused by the mm template with plotting, compatibility with other programs, guides, extensions and path effects would be minimized for most users - fixing the bugs would help, but not help with the compatibility.
  • Layers problem: Sometimes object disappears when moving through multiple layers and one layer in the middle has visibility turned off (Bug). This is probably related to objects in a group inheriting their group's properties when the group is dissolved. Maybe layers could be treated differently? (I think this also applies to blend modes)
  • Crash on Shift+Click: Program crashes (Windows only) when Shift+Click on rectangle corner radius node (Bug) DONE.
  • Text boxes too small: in document settings 'Scripting', 'Metadata', and for the 'Object Properties' interactivity element are not expandable, and some do not do line breaks or vertical scrolling.
  • Difficult UI: Improve the Path effects dialogues UI - partially fixed


  • Better support for installing additional "things" that Inkscape can use, e.g. installing extensions by drag&drop
  • re-design of filter editor, based on nodes. Discussion about possible UI is ongoing in the forum and valuable input is being collected there.
  • Multi-page support
  • a system for recording and replaying user actions without scripting knowledge