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Red Hat offered to host an Inkscape hacking session at their Westford in conjunction with a Fedora Design team meet-up at the end of January 2015.[1] For various reasons (mostly the board over-booked in trying to get the LGM hacking session organized) this isn't going to happen.

Still, it would be interesting for us to pursue visiting Red Hat in Westford for two reasons:

UX Review

The first is to take advantage of the Fedora Design teams presence to get UX feedback. Martin is planning on making a day trip to Westford during the Fedora Design team's meeting for this purpose. Martin has stated he can cover the cost of this trip himself (<$20). His visit would also help build our connection with Red Hat.


The second is to take advantage of the aid offered to us by GTK's lead hackers who are resident in Westford. Both Matthias Clasen and Owen Taylor work at the Westford office. Inkscape has some GTK issues that need to be sorted out. This visit could be timed to be before/after LGM to reduce travel costs.

[1] Email from Máirín Duffy to Tavmjong, Martin, Bryce, and Josh on 18 Sept 2014.