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I'm helping with the German translation of the Inkscape GUI, its tutorials and the website etc.

Drawing a Floor Plan

Advanced Diagrams

  • data model backing objects
    • arrows representing flow will change width depending on numerical flow value (e.g. in Sankey diagrams)
    • forms change color if a corresponding value goes outside certain limits
    • some programs generate structural diagrams depending on a table or database
    • animated flowcharts
    • display dynamic values in forms
    • organigramms
  • Doable via JavaScript/DOM and CSS?

The "Competition"

  • CS-Odessa ConceptDraw Professional
  • EDraw EDraw Max
  • Corel iGrafx Flowcharter
  • OmniGroup OmniGraffle Professional
  • Softline SmartDraw
  • Microsoft Visio Professional


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