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Hello. I'm Baxissimo.

I've contributed a few small things to Inkscape.

  • I cleaned up the paint bucket cursor for 0.46
  • I implemented saving geometry to preferences for 0.46

I'm just getting started with Inkscape but I'm quite impressed with it so very. Quite an intuitive and powerful drawing package. The quality that has been achieved is something seldom seen in free drawing software.

About me

I'm a computer graphics researcher. I like to work on things related creating artistic contents. Here are some of my previous projects:

I also do a little fluid simulation research on the side:

I wrote a semi-popular debugging utility for GPUs while in grad school:

Why Inkscape

My interest in Inkscape is both pragmatic and self-serving. On the one hand I found it right off the bat to be the most intuitive vector drawing program I've tried in a long time. And it's free! So of course I've started using it whenever I need a vector illustration, say for one of my research papers.

But at the same time I think there's a lot I can learn from understanding how Inkscape works on the inside. And part of me hopes that I might be able to grok enough of it that I could use Inkscape as research platform for trying out new ideas related to drawing and sketch-based input.