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Current Status (16/01/06)

Can connect to both gristle.org and jabber.org using pedro, on establishing a whiteboard connection the reciever crashes

Snaphot from 14. Jan 07 SvH

I am using Kubuntu (Dapper Drake) Linux. Here i write my experience of a plain user with the whiteboard.

The file pedro.ini is the file where the connection data like Login name, Server Host and password is stored unencrypted. It is written in the same dirctory from where inkscape was started. The first connection attempt gives a message on the command line, that the file pedro.ini can't be opened for write. This is confusing for a plain user, because he don't know what that file is for and if it is bad or real bad or nothing to care about.


Attempt to connect unsuccessful. Message from pedro : "server does not allow login."


Connection successful. Can chat with someone else (logged in on the same server). Filetransfer and inkboard is not possible.


Attempt to connect unsuccessful. Message from pedro : "login: no second SASL challenge offered by server." This seems to be a wildfire server, which seems to have a problem with the pedro client.


This is the server, which is already written in the field Host and for the user it seems to be the recommended server, but a connection attempt by me is followed by a pedro screen that appears to be frozen (at least for some time). The first time i thought inkscape is frozen, so i have to kill that process manually. Should be made more userfriendly. (e.g. like messages for the user "Connecting to server" " connection failed. Please check your firewall or internet connection" "Login to jabber.org successful" a bit more chatty)