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=== From: Gab Studio ===
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004
Subject: Great software !!!
From: Jared Thompson
I'm just trying *INSKCAPE* and would like to *congratulate you all*.
I join my first work... if you want to add it in the galery :)
BRAVO again from France for this great software
have fun
=== From: Jared Thompson ===
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004
Subject: awesome program
Subject: awesome program
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=== From: Artemio ===
From: Artemio
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004
Subject: thank you
Subject: thank you
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=== From: Charles Goodwin ===
From: Charles Goodwin
Date: Sun, 09 May 2004
Date: Sun, 09 May 2004
Subject: Re: wow, this is amazing!
Subject: Re: wow, this is amazing!
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- Charlie
- Charlie
=== From:  Trent Buck ===
Date: Tue, Jun 8, 2004
Subject: Re: new illustrator screenshots
Quoth Alan Horkan on or about 2004-06-08:
On Sat, 5 Jun 2004, Trent Buck wrote:<br>
<i>FWIW, I think inkscape's UI is already better than AI's.</i>
You said Inkscape is better so I make it a challenge to you to list more
ways, and maybe we can start a comparision chart in the Wiki which would
be useful for promoting Inkscape.
OK, I'll confess, I haven't used AI for than about half-an-hour, because
I couldn't get the hang of the interface.  Let me itemize my reasons for
using Inkscape.
Bear in mind that these are my *opinions*, not necessarily *right* in a
technical sense.  I'll put a '+' in front of things that are actually UI.
Inkscape beats AI
  + As a newbie, I found the Inkscape (well, sodipodi) interface to be
    pretty self-explanatory.  Using AI I get the feeling I should take a
    3-day course just to learn how to use it.
    (Maybe this is just because of all the extra features, I don't know.)
    It's free.  When something happens I can check the source.  It is
    also far easier to add or request features.
    It works on linux.  Enough said.
    The GTK toolkit is relatively clean, customizable and robust.
Inkscape beats Sodipodi
    The larger community results in faster growth in all areas.
    Boolean operations.  Miscellaneous tweaks make Inkscape more
Inkscape beats both of them
  + Buttons are around the edge.  It has been shown by HCI folks that
    this is a far better design than the toolkit approach.  Fitts' Law
    states that you can click screen corners and edges far faster than,
    say, 10px in from the edge.
  + Likewise, this means everthing is in one window, which works much
    better with my windowmanager (http://ratpoison.sf.net).
  + Keybindings for everything.  I don't normally even have a rodent
    plugged into my system, so being able to stay keyboard-centered is a
    major advantage.
I should also point out that I'm not really an artistic person, my
strengths are more oriented in mathematics, english and science.  I am a
CS student by profession.  I mostly use Inkscape when I need an image
and there isn't a specialized tool to draw it.
It could well be that I don't see Inkscape's deficiencies because my
drawings aren't complicated enough to need them.
=== From: Richard [[MacIntyre]] ===
Unless they've already mentioned it hereon, Julian [[MacDonald]] has kindly written a script, and Francois Guillet has just begun work on an SVG plugin, respectively, for SVG import into Art of Illusion- a 3D program- from Inkscape. see: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1117167&forum_id=47782
I have so far successfully done some stuff to test Julian's script, which I might post- <i>er, that is if I can recusitate my hard disk :/ .</i> 
Nice work on Inkscape, btw: A very informative/transparent/diligent process; crisp tool icons with high-contrast; a well-done tutorial/manual, and an aesthetically-pleasing ink-droplet for the About screen. (I got a couple of kids at a cafe playing with Ink''s weird & wonderful calligraphy tool on my laptop :)
I look forward to R.1 or sooner, when I can leave Illustrator behind!
As a footnote:
<blockquote>A few years ago, when I had a contract that required the use of my legitimately-purchased copy of Illustrator, I called Adobe to get a replacement registration/re-installation number for the one I had lost. Even though I jumped through every one of their hoops- both at the time of purchase, as well as at the time of the request- they ultimately refused to issue a new one, and I lost the contract.</blockquote>
=== From: Henry House ===
Date:  Wed, 7 Jul 2004
Subject:  New user happy with inkscape!
I used to use A. Illustrator years ago before I used Linux. Ever since then
I have been dissatisfied with the various Free vector drawing applications
available for Linux. I just started using Inkscape yeterday and I am very
impressed! There are keyboard shortcuts for most operations! The boolean
operations (union, divide, etc) work! (The lack of such has been a major
impediment to my use of other vector drawing applications.) My only major
problem so far has been that the selected object is difficult to see because
the selection indicators do not contrast strongly with their object or
follow their object's path outline.
Henry House
=== From:  Jose Hevia ===
Date:  Mon, 19 Jul 2004
Subject:  About DATA and METADATA
Oh, I'm very excited about the little big improvements of inkscape
0.39: In ex.You could go to Object-> Object Properties and ...Change
an object identifier!!! This was in previous versions but didn't seem
to work for me.
So now we could have info not only of the sorting of objects but for
the objects itselfs(multiple in a file) ,so I could make a map of
Africa an name Angola,Rwanda...,summit to open clipart,search in
google :
Rwanda+africa+svg and, there it is!.The bad news is that if I'm not an
english speaker I don't know  that "Marruecos" name from my Atlas is
Morocco in english word.(Yes there are a lot of people that have not
thought about that ever).
=== From:  Phil Shapiro ===
Date:  Sun, 25 Jul 2004
Subject:  heartfelt thanks for creating inkscape
thanks a megabyte for your visionary work in creating inkscape.  i
discovered this amazing software last week and have been talking it up
on various national email lists i'm on.  (see below a message i sent
this evening to the list of Community Technology Centers' Network -
CTCNet), one of the largest nonprofit organizations working to bridge
the digital divide.)
CTCNet's annual conference is going to be in cleveland in june, 2005, in
case you (or any of the othe inkscape developers) might be in the area
at that time.  it's likely more than 1000 technology access activists
will be attending this conference.  stephen quinn is the wonderful
person organizing this conference.  squinn@ctcnet.org
thanks again.  you've inspired many by creating inkscape and your
creation will unleash a river of artistic creativity by many who cannot
afford a commercial vector drawing program.
                    - phil shapiro
                      arlington, virginia
Just want to add my appreciation of the work done on [[InkScape]]. Very impressive!
shic (309152)  on Monday December 20, 2004
Thank you! I'm by no means a graphic artist, but every few months I find I need to draw a diagram for a document, or a simple logo, or a form of some sort or other. Back in the late 80s/early 90s I used RISCOS and "!Draw" which I found to be awesome. I move to SUNOS, then SOLARIS, then Linux before finally requiring Windows (don't ask) as my primary platform - and until today I have been extremely unimpressed with the options for vector graphics. Until you mentioned [[InkScape]] I'd done everything from battling with XFig and Latex to being confused by Adobe Illustrator - which was serious overkill for a simple letterhead design. Inkscape already seems to meet my needs - the first program, commercial or otherwise, I've found in the last 15 years since !Draw which deserves this acolade. I think Sourceforge should promote this project more actively - it deserves to be project of the month or something in order to raise awareness.
I am not a visual person.
I am not a designer, not a drawer, not a painter, not a photographer.
I'm a man of words, really, if I need to be creative, it's words.
Having said that, can I sue you for the time I've lost playing with
Inkscape? No? Goddamnit.
It's wonderful. Intuitive. The 'everything should be keyboard
accessible' philosophy rocks. It has everything.
Yesterday I tried, to amuse myself, making a mockup panelling for a
comic that I'm working on with a visual artist (you guessed it - I
mostly do the words :P).. it's incredible how painful proper layout with
CSS can be. As these things go, 'to amuse myself' turned into a holy
crusade and I would not rest until I could churn out professional layout
mockups by the dozen. So I got Inkscape.
The next 2 hours were spent rotating and resizing stars and occasionally
saying 'wow'. I shake my angry fist at you all.
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 16:14:27 +0100
Subject: [Inkscape-user] Presentations with Inkscape
I'm currently preparing a talk and thus looking for a presentation
software. The following criterias have to be met:
* open source software
* should either run on my Apple iBook, a [[NetBSD]] system, or both
I've been toying with Inkscape lately, and I enjoyed drawing some
figure for the talk. It's real fun to use all the nice features like
rounded boxes, transparency, etc. Inkscape provides.
So while I was at it, I just went ahead and created the correspondent
presentation slide. It took some time until I actually discovered
"inkview" -- you should definitely place a note somewhere, so people
will find it! But this is just the thing I was looking for. No fancy
transitions and other useless stuff, but clean font rendering and nice
figures. Fonts actually render much cleaner than in Apple Works'
presentations. It's a lot faster than batik-slideshow, plus it scales
the slide down, so you don't have to worry about that when you draw it.
So, I just wanted to thank you for this great piece of software, and
keep it up!
Just as a side note: I installed Inkscape 0.40 and all its dependencies
from The [[NetBSD]] Packages Collection [1] both on [[NetBSD]] and Mac OS X
10.3, and it works like a charm. (Except that I cant get fullscreen
output from inkview, but that may be related to Apple's X11
[1] <http://www.pkgsrc.org/>
Inscape is a free, cross-platform SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format program that lets you create logos, illustrations and other drawings like commercial packages such as Macromedia Freehand or Adobe Illustrator.
http://ltc.smm.org/visualize/toolkit  - Science Museum of Minnesota (3D Visulation toolkit)

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From: Jared Thompson Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 Subject: awesome program

I know this may not be according to the purposes of this list,

but I just wanted to say that I recently discovered inkscape and I think it is quite an impressive program so far. I have been playing with it non stop for the past few days and love it, the website is also nice and clean. there are plenty of tips and in the program a help file that gives a good overview to get beginners started

I will be looking forward to contribute what I can as time goes forward.

again, just wanted to say thanks for an awesome program


From: Artemio Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 Subject: thank you

Dear Inkscape developers,

at first, please take my sincere congratulations - Inkscape is on the 3rd place in my top 5 list of most used applications! :-)

You have made possible what I have dreamt for over two years since I started using Linux (I use ONLY Linux since that time). You have done a really great work. Inkscape has absolutely everything I need from a vector editor and even more. It's very light, fast and the interface is very straightforward and intuitive. Thank you, thank you very much!

Frankly, you have blown all my expectations away - I didn't think someone would do font->path thing possible, this is amazing! Now I can bring my SVGs _anywhere_ and they will be read just as I made them (already tested this).

Please excuse me for talking too much, it's just that I really respect your work and wish you all the best! I do have some little suggestions to you, but I will write them in my next message :-)

Good luck to you all and thanks so much again!


From: Charles Goodwin Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 Subject: Re: wow, this is amazing!

Everything about Inkscape has been impressive thus far, not least of which the speed with which action is taken to address any issue.

- Charlie