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This is mainly a scratchpad to begin working out the UserManual. We can post ideas and fragments of text up here, but the real deal will be in CVS so that it can be checked out and worked on.

Currently in CVS there is a manual (or beginnings of a manual) that was written in French for SodiPodi. Has anyone looked at it? What are your thoughts?

  • VectorAndBitmap
  • [IllustratorUsers Inkscape for Illustrator Converts]

We need to work now on an update of this Manual and have a specific version for Inkscape which is now quite differenr from Lauris apps

  • Wishs about Manual can be added here or sent to
  • People who would like to work on this can express themselves

VERY IMPORTANT : A good en-us/gb reader is really needed to improve my crap english.


  • UPDATE icons
  • UPDATE screenshots
  • UPDATE Menus
  • UPDATE Infos for modified commands
  • Create pages for new commands (such as boolean ops)
  • Add themes part to help on basic manipulation with info that don't fit in the menus explanation pages