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# External URLs matching this list will be blocked when added to a page.
# This list affects only this wiki; refer also to the global blacklist.
# For documentation see
# Syntax is as follows:
#   * Everything from a "#" character to the end of the line is a comment
#   * Every non-blank line is a regex fragment which will only match hosts inside URLs


\b24houressays\.com\b \bcomeawn\.com\b \bcross\-walks\.org\b \ben\.astratranslations\.co\.uk\b \bespinheira\.org\b \bfindthisall\.com\b \bgadgets\-rule\.com\b \bgangstaa\.joinvps\.com\b \bhaljava\.planet\.ee\b \binforaise\.net\b \bnewsouthblogs\.org\b \bpara\.llel\.us\b \bprisonersreachingout\.com\b \bqlddm\.org\b \bstudygroup\.feedtheyogi\.com\b \bto27\.com\b \bwiki\.galaxianfederation\.com\b \bwiki\.php\\b \bwww\.accounting\-wiki\.com\b \bwww\.chadharvey\.com\b \bwww\.mycirclesonline\.com\b \bwww\.poor2riches\.com\b \bwww\.projectdelta\.me\b \bwww\.scuoladuepuntozero\.tv\.it\b coupon dating\. ebuysilver\.com\b promocode guildwars\.com\b \btraccfilms\.co\.uk\b \bwww\.sacslvuitton\.com\b \bwww\.frlouisvmagasin\.com\b