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I'll be attempting to create a guide to the SVN repository for lib2geom on this page of the Inkscape Wiki. There will be a brief description of very folder or directory in the repository, and a summary of its contents. I will also try to include a short description of each file in the repository.

The repository for lib2geom is pretty simple at this point, but I expect that will change over time. This won't be an exhuastive guide, but will hopefully help developers that are new to the library find there way around. Think of it as a street map, not a set of construction blue prints. :] (2006-09-01 Scott Huey)

Top Level Directories

branding: This directory contains files that have to do with the "branding" or marketing of lib2geom. As of 2006-09-01 this driectory contains some SVG files of the lib2geom library.

data: Coming Soon...

manual: This directory contains files for the lib2geom manual. As of 2006-09-01 it contains a tex file of the manual. This file can be converted to a pdf file using a utility known as pdftex.

papers: This directory contains papers or articles related to computer vector graphics in general.

Top Level Files

Coming Soon...