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Gradient tool goodness that Johan is working on-

Latest diff

The latest diff is always made against the latest SVN at that time. Go download here. (gradientyymmdd-hhmm.diff)



  • Port the "repeat" combobox from the fill & stroke dialog.
  • Port the spinbox for location of currently selected stop - enables precision placement.

On Canvas:

  • Mid-stops can be added or removed wherever.


  • More than one stop can be selected to perform various actions - Selecting more than one could be accomplished with Shift or the Mousewheel (just like the node tool).
    • sculpting - Alt modifier will sculpt stops like the node tool.
    • shifting - equally move stops in whichever direction.
    • mass deletion - delete more than one stop at the same time (delete key for example).
  • Change alpha of selected stop(s) with modifier + mousewheel hovering over stop (perhaps Alt+Mousewheel)
  • mirroring the gradient
  • rotating the whole gradient by 45° or 90° steps. (using standard shape rotating/moving/resizing tool for this kind of changes ???)


  • Can't drag focus point on radial gradients w/o crash.
  • If object fill is changed from a gradient with multiple stops to a solid fill and you Undo, all stops go to the Start of the gradient.
  • If you add a gradient stop, move it, and Undo, it does not go to previous location but instead to the Start of the gradient.