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OpenSUSE 11.2

It's easiest to use zypper from the command line to install the required packages. So log in as root and execute this:

  zypper install autoconf automake intltool
  zypper install gcc-c++ glibmm2 gtkmm24-devel gsl-devel boost-devel popt-devel
  zypper install libtool liblcms liblcms-devel libxml2-devel libxslt-devel libMagick++-devel libpng-devel 

Now you're ready to download the source code, for example by using bazaar. This has been explained elsewhere on this wiki. Please be patient, because bazaar will download around 250 MB. After downloading the source code, change to that directory and run

  make -j4     # Assuming you have a quadcore. -j4 tells make to use 4 cores
  make install # inkscape need to be installed at least once, to put all icons
               # in the correct shared directories. After that you can simply 
               # run inkscape from the start menu or execute it directly
               # in the source directory (src/inkscape)

Have fun!

OpenSUSE 10.2

You need to install these packages to pass the compilation of SVN trunk:

  • gtkmm-devel
  • glibmm-devel
  • cairomm-devel
  • libsigc-2.0-devel
  • popt-devel
  • gc-6.6 (Boehm's collector)
  • intltool
  • + their dependencies
  • AND automake-1.8.5 or any other then 1.9.6 that is installed by default.
  • and any other optionally required packages

If you compile automake-1.8.5 by yourself then be sure that you install it to /usr prefix and not to /usr/local. If you still install to /usr/local, then instead of running "" on svn version, run:

  ACLOCAL_FLAGS="$ACLOCAL_FLAGS -I /usr/share/aclocal" ./

Then run ./configure; make; sudo make install as usually.

Thanks go to Dobey who helped a lot to figure out what was the problem.

Suse 9.0

One of the challenges with Suse 9.0 is the lack of a distro provided gtkmm2 and libsigc++ packages.

Best place to find them: [ This URL does not exist anymore :-( ]

Suse 9.1 includes both now in the GNOME supplemental downloads.

Note that for SuSE the gtk+2 packages are called gtk2. The gtk+2 2.4 package is not provided via Yast but can be found via rpmseek as gtk2 and gtk2-devel

To find the .pc files, I had to set:

setenv PKG_CONFIG_PATH/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/gnome/lib/pkgconfig/

In SuSE 9.1 I ran into this error: required file `./' not found

Copying /usr/share/libtool/ into the top directory fixed it.

For 0.40cvs the libgc dependency is added. In SuSE 9.1 this is package 'boehm-gc', but it doesn't work - you need to compile from source. Download from:

Then configure it with the command:

  $ ./configure --enable-cplus-plus

SuSE 9.1 also does not have libsigc++ 2.0; I couldn't find an rpm for it so ended up having to compile it from source, from

I also had to compile gtkmm 2.4 and glib 2.4 from source; download them from and

Looks like these packages are also available from here:

Also, stuff got installed to /opt/gnome/bin/, so I had to also `export PATH=$PATH:/opt/gnome/bin/`