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(Formal PR Contacts)
(Upcoming Announcement Planning)
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== Upcoming Announcement Planning ==
== Upcoming Announcement Planning ==
* [[AnnouncePlanning091]]
* [[AnnouncePlanning047]]
* [[AnnouncePlanning047]]
* [[AnnouncePlanning046]]
* [[AnnouncePlanning046]]

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Upcoming Announcement Planning

Release Announcements (Informal)

Press Releases (Formal)

Places to Announce

In general, for linux community receives a general informal announcement. However, for formal press channels we use the more formal 3rd-person press release.

Open Source Community (Receive Informal PR)

  • Art sites
    • clipart-list - clipart@freedesktop.org
    • DeviantART

PR: theobroma@revelinux.com

Social Sites

Formal PR Contacts

Magazines (Get formal PR)

  • I've requested where to send PR and how to get our software reviewed from these magazines.

Other Updates

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inkscape Update the 'Features', 'Interface and usability', & 'Versions', also check the other languages and maybe ask for an update on the respective talk page