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In preparing for SVG Open 2009, I'm trying to come up with a new single-page flyer that can be printed out and given away at conferences and such to help people get an idea what Inkscape is and what it can do to help them. One key part of this is to point out some general usages to which Inkscape can be put. If we can present in one spot how different uses are all served, we might be able to gain interest of people who otherwise would have overlooked the product.

For example, some software engineer looking to do some quick UML sketches might only see some Inkscape artwork and think "Oh, I don't need to draw pictures, better go find something else." We then miss out on another potential user. And when we loose a potential user we also lose another potential *contributor*.

To help hash this out I have started this wiki page for jotting things down.

Please take a look and see if you might be able to add a bit. Edit some info, add a missing usage/segment, etc. The more information we can gather, the better we can refine and then use it.

Oh, and for the flyer itself, we are initially targeting a simple design that can fit on a single page. It may be printed one-sided or perhaps double-sided. So the design will include a primary page and a supplemental page. The primary page will be done so that it is a stand-alone product. The supplemental page will be the optional second side for when the flyer is printed double-sided. We also want to design it so that it is effective when printed out in black and white and also when it is printed out in color.

- JonCruz 06:40, 23 September 2009 (UTC)

General Information

Inkscape is cool. (TODO expand on this)

Market Segments

Inkscape is a tool well suited to several different types of usages, or market segments. Many of theses segments overlap, but usually contain features and uses that distinguish them from each other. Remember, Inkscape is both a floor wax and a dessert topping!

Web Interface

User interfaces can be crafted in SVG. Logos, buttons, banners and other graphics for websites can be made.

Fine Arts

Artists can use Inkscape to create many different styles of artwork.

Graphic Design

Inkscape can be used for graphic design applications, like logos, brochures, signs, posters, magazine ads, etc.

Scientific Visualization

Researchers / Scientists can use Inkscape to create great, high-quality, reusable technical illustrations for their conference posters, theses, journal publications, websites and book chapters. Furthermore Inkscape will also allow users to import and annotate scientific images and generate composite illustrations, mixing diagrams and photos at a very high resolution. Most significantly, Inkscape accelerates the drawing process meaning professional illustrations can be created quickly at no cost.

GIS and Cartography

Technical Illustration


Interactive Television

User Interface Design

Mobile Device Graphics



Cutter Patterns

Font Design / Typography

User Personas

User personas are simple characters created to present sample end users for purposes of discussion and design.


Alice is a 34 year old housewife that homeschools her 2 children. She uses Inkscape to produce visually oriented activity worksheets for educational use and also to create certificates and awards for her children's education achievements. She has no formal software training other than a Word Processing class she took in High School.


Bob is a 15 year old High School student. He uses Inkscape to mock-up and produce the graphics for websites that he has done for his Dad's company and his gaming team. He is taking a graphic design class currently and has hopes to get into digital arts, hopefully in graphic design or video game art. Bob has talked to the graphic design teacher about how great Inkscape is, but the teacher has made it clear that to move forward in the graphics industry, Bob will need to use the standard tools of the trade.


Carol is a 67 year old retired mother and grandmother. She has many hobbies that keep her busy including both scrap booking and embroidery. She had previously worked as an attorney and is quite adept at learning and using new tools and software. She has been using Inkscape to design shapes, frames, and various mockups for her scrapbooking work. Recently she has learned that she can use Inkscape to design patterns for her new embroidery machine.


Dave is a 41 year old father and Banker by profession. He coaches his daughter's soccer team and also organizes all of the team's parties. He has used Publisher in the past, but prefers the flexibility that Inkscape offers. He uses Inkscape to produce announcements, party flyers, and banners for the team. Most recently he made full-color business cards for himself with the title of "Coach", however the colors weren't what he expected.


Eve is a 26 year old self-employed Graphic Designer. She was trained using Industry Standard tools, however, the cost of upgrading with every new release is far less appealing these days with the slowed economy. In an effort add more functionality to her toolset she has branched out and found Inkscape to compliment her primary vector editor. After using Inkscape for a while, she has now completed logo design, business cards, brochures, and many other projects mainly using Inkscape. Her interest has grown to the point of wanting to make Inkscape her primary tool, however, the lack of a robust pre-press workflow is the main thing holding her back.



  • Inkscape is included on the VALO-CD Open Source distribution.
  • Other FLOSS distributions?
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